Dressing ingredients

  • Oil
  • Vinegar
  • Salt

This salad is shared by Maria, from Spain who said "I love this tapas salad because is the favorite salad of my husband and family. I also like it because it is not simple to make (some preparation is required usually one day before) we make it only for special occasions like Christmas."

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Day before: Cut the sweet peppers in half, clean out the seeds, lay some foil on the backing tray adn brush with oil, then lay pepper halves on top and brush with oil. Place 6-10cms under the grill and cook for about 10 minutes.(don’t over cook them) The skin will start to get blistered and some parts may get blackened - that's OK. Using tongs place the cooked peppers in a plastic bag and seal for about 20 minutes and set aside. Have a glass of wine! When they have cooled it will be easy to wash, peel and carefully discard the skin. Cut the cooked peppers in strips and put in a container with oil, vinegar, salt and one whole garlic (cloves roughly crushed). Put the lid on and store overnight in the fridge. Making the salad: Use a long platter plate and arrange the alternating colours or bands of the different ingredients: Red peppers, salmon, yellow pepper, tuna, green peppers,… In the end it will look like a "flag" of different colours.

Tips from the author

Sweet peppers are also called capsicums or bell peppers. You can use any combination of colours that you have available. This is a perfect plate to share before or as part of meal. Thanks Maria for sharing.

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