What is a salad without a dressing?

On a Facebook post in February we asked you what kind of dressing you like and since we loved your answers, we decided to convert them into a list of salad dressings. Vegetables are good but taste even better when dressed! Thank you to all Salad Lovers who helped us.
  • Suzana Vinegar,lemon and oil
  • Sara  Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt & pepper and oregano
  • Cheryl Ann Horseradish/lemon/cayenne pepper....spicy!
  • Amber Miso yoghurt and lemon...yum
  • Elin Balsamic vinegar,mustard,olive oil,salt and pepper
  • Isabel Salt, vinegar
  • Yolanda Pear balsamic vinegar or argan oil
  • Yvette Sesame ginger
  • Suzanne Vinegar, olive oil, lemon salt & pepper. Yummy
  • Susannah Olive oil, whole grain mustard,lemon juice, salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar
  • Belen Mustard, Oliver oil And salt
  • Silvia Olive oil, salt, lemon juice, pepper
  • Erna French dressing
  • Cindy Balsamic vinaigrette or Blue cheese
So, what is a salad without dressing? A naked salad!
What is a salad without a dressing?

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