• Celery
  • Celery

Preparation tips

Remove the bottom part of the stem and remove the leaves if these are present. These leaves can be used to prepare a delicious vegetable broth. Check whether the stem has woody fibers. In that case, remove them by cutting into the top or bottom of the stem so you can pull off the fibers along the stem. Now wash the stems in plenty of water.

Preparation time for celery

Cooked: 10 - 12 minutes

Sautéed: approx. 6 minutes

Microwave: 4 - 5 minutes

Smoldered: approx. 20 minutes

Steamed: 20 - 25 minutes

Buying and storage

Buying tips for celery
Celery is mainly sold in an open plastic bag. That way, you can easily check if it's fresh. Bear in mind that the stalk has to be strong. It has to look fresh: with green or yellow-green stems without brown spots.

Storage of celery
Celery can be kept in a cool and dark place for a couple of days and in the refrigerator for about a week.

Serving suggestions

Celery parts stuffed with pate or soft cheese

Strips of celery in a salad with apple, potato and sour cream

Celery parts rolled up with slices of cheese and ham and briefly baked in the oven

Fried with carrots

In a salad with pineapple

As appetizers with a dipping sauce