• Panzanella - Tuscan Tomato & Bread Salad

    Panzanella - Tuscan Tomato & Bread Salad


    Italians love their panzanella - a simple salad with crusty bread! It goes so well with fresh ripe tomatoes and olive oil. The best salads are the simple ones like this using left over bread. Simply toast or bake the bread in the oven and combine with your fresh ingredients and y... Read more

  • Don’t ruin your salad

    Don’t ruin your salad


    One of the things I love about salads is that they are so easy to make. When you compare the effort it takes to make your favourite salad to the enjoyment you get when you eat it, you cannot deny it represents an excellent return on your investment o... Read more

  • Witlof salad with anchovies

    Witlof salad with anchovies


    It’s hard to believe that this witlof with anchovy dish can be so simple, so healthy, and so tasty. Just a few ingredients, quick preparation and beautiful presentation… that’s what my recipes are like.... Read more

  • Silent auction celebrates healthy eating in USA

    Silent auction celebrates healthy eating in USA


    Love My Salad, supported by Rijk Zwaan USA, was one of the Silent Auction sponsors for the Produce for Better Health Celebrates event held on September 6, 2014.PBH (Produce for Better Health Foundation) is an organization that fosters an environ... Read more

  • Marinated radish salad

    Marinated radish salad


    This tasty snacking salad was created and served during the Hockey World Cup, hosted by The Netherlands in 2014, by the local greenhouses in the Westland area near The Hague. Lite, fresh, and easy to make - it's something special for any occasion.... Read more

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