10 vegetable gardening tips

10 vegetable gardening tips


Are you planning on starting your first vegetable garden? Thorough preparation and proper care of your plants are so important. Below are 10 tips for a successful harvest1. Vegetable garden planStart with a plan of your garden... Read more

Kid dog tomato plant balcony

Learning how to help plants thrive (in 5 easy steps!)


It always (secretly, deep down) bothered me that I loved nature so much but I was so bad at cultivating plants, or even just keeping them alive and half wilted – I consider myself a nurturing person, maternal, caring, loving,... Read more

Child in the garden gardening

Growing more than just vegetables


Since I can remember I have always been a nature lover; I grew up by the ocean and all of high school was spent on beach days and beach parties. When I moved to Australia I started off in Epping (a suburb of Sydney) surrounded... Read more

Grow your own rockmelon

How to grow a rockmelon


What you’ll need: Two rockmelon seedsA car tyrePotting mixA Hessian bag Fertiliser  Step one) Find a sunny spot in your backyard for your plant to grow. A rockmelon plant can grow to cover up to 4... Read more

Inspecting the tomatoes

Childhood memories of vegetables


Recently I participated at a workshop of vegetable growers and health professionals in Melbourne, Australia to develop strategies to help increase the intake of vegetables to children aged between 2 and 6 years. During a... Read more

Sky gardens lift health and liveability to sustainable heights

Sky gardens lift health and liveability to sustainable heights


As cities expand in size and precious farmland is buried below layers of concrete, it’s hard to imagine how the world will continue to feed its growing population.... Read more

Colourful capsicums are sweet and delicious

Colourful capsicums are sweet and delicious


Throughout my “foodie” adventures, I never stop learning new and interesting facts about salad ingredients; where they come from and how they are grown.... Read more

Stock your garden with edible morsels

Stock your garden with edible morsels


Chefs and cooks are now looking out the window for inspiration when it comes to seasonal cooking. I spent a weekend bike riding around the Rutherglen wine region recently in Victoria with friends and couldn’t help but notice... Read more

For the love of lettuce

For the love of lettuce


The only lettuce producer in the Alice Springs region ‘fell’ into the industry 19 years ago, after climate conditions made growing flowers too inconsistent. Moe McCosker started playing with hydroponics and fancy lettuce, and... Read more

Do you have a scarecrow in your garden?

Do you have a scarecrow in your garden?


Does it actually scare away birds and other curious creatures eager to taste this season’s tomatoes, or does it encourage them to step a little closer?Scarecrows, the so-called ‘guardians of the crops’, have been around for... Read more