Salanova® lettuce varieties have an unique quality and make lettuce easy. The lettuce leaves are tightly packed. With just one cut the lettuce separates into delicious baby sized leaves. Salanova® is a completely natural product. Each lettuce provides numerous bite-sized, fresh, delicious leaves with just one cut at the base.

How to prepare

Salanova® "one-cut-ready" With just one cut at the base, the head separates into numerous baby-sized leaves ready to wash and create your own fresh salad. You can purchase Salanova lettuce in some countries* as fresh whole heads or ready to eat pre-packs. * The salanova lettuce range is growing.

Buyer's and storage guide

Salanova® is best kept in the vegetable drawer of the fridge. Simply store unused leaves in the original packaging for best results.


Simply cut and wash the Salanova® Crispy. You can also mix a few types of Salanova® lettuches together.