Saladuo® is a new convenience product by Kockerols Gemüseanbau & Handel. Two of the existing six lettuce varieties are combined in a transparent pack.
The name of the product also originates from this concept. The lettuce is washed and placed head-down in the pack.
The choice of lettuce consists of butterhead lettuce, iceberg lettuce as well as the leaf lettuces Lollo rosso and Lollo bionda. This is complemented by radicchio and leek.
All lettuces are especially suitable for a health-conscious and balanced diet. Saladuo® is always fresh and has an especially high vitamin content as the lettuce is offered uncut.

How to prepare

Cut out the core. Rinse the leaves under running water and dry with a kitchen towel or salad spinner. Make sure that the leaves are dry so that the dressing sticks to the leaves and does not run to the bottom of the salad bowl.

Buyer's and storage guide

Make sure the product is fresh when buying lettuce. It is best to consume lettuce on the same day. Leaf lettuces can, however, also be stored in the vegetable cooler of the fridge.


Leaf lettuces are the basis of many salad dishes. Their crunchy texture is an enrichment with a special touch.