Potted parsley is a product by Kockerols.
Pot and plant are protected by a transparent plastic sleeve which also improves shelf life.
As the parsley is delivered in the pots, it remains fresh and maintains its manifold vitamins and essential oils which make parsley so popular as a seasoning herb.

How to prepare

Remove the parsley leaves from the coarse stalks and finely chop the leaves with a cook’s knife.

Buyer's and storage guide

Potted parsley has proved itself worth as a herb product because plucking just a few leaves is sufficient for seasoning and the plant can then be further cultivated in the kitchen. If the plant is regularly watered, it keeps fresh for a long time.


Potted parsley leaves can be used raw for flavouring salads and other dishes or cooking the parsley with soups, stews and the like. Parsley, mint and couscous are the main ingredients for taboulé, a Lebanese salad.