Leek in a board tray is a product by Kockerols. The leek stalks are placed in a board tray and protected and covered by a flow-pack film. The length of the foliage is cut according to the length of the packaging. Depending on requirements, the leek stalks are supplied with or without roots.
Thus the product is protected and remains clean and has a longer shelf life as well.

How to prepare

Remove the root ends and, if needed, the tips of the green parts. Cut the leek open lengthwise and wash the fan-shaped halves thoroughly between the single leaves.
Starting at the white end, cut the leek into rings or strips depending on its use.

Buyer's and storage guide

Leek should best be stored in the vegetable cooler of the fridge.


Leek can be prepared as a herb as well as a vegetable or salad dish. Together with celeriac and carrots, it is also a traditional vegetable ingredient for soups.