Also known as 'crisphead' because this lettuce type has a crisp, fresh sensation when eaten making it an ideal type for caterers, food service companies and anyone who likes a nice crisp salad. Furthermore it is great favourite with kids, which helps parents to plan healthy ‘5-a-day’meals and is perfect for shredded lettuce on sandwiches or burgers.

How to prepare

Break off leaves according to how many you need and rinse under the tap. If you’re using the leaves in salad it is ok to just pat dry them, but if you still want to keep the curled shape then spin drying them is best.
Dice whole lettuce with a knife to end up with bite sized pieces perfect for salads.
To use in burgers remove the outer leaves and cut the lettuce in half. Now thinly slice length ways so you end up with shreds.

Buyer's and storage guide

Iceberg lettuce stays fresh longer than any other lettuce if kept at a constant temperature. To store keep it in an unsealed plastic bag in the crisper section of the fridge. To select the freshest lettuce you should take care not to pick up anything with browned leaves or sliminess around the edges, usually you can tell if the lettuce is fresh if the outer leaves break with a snap.


Using iceberg leaves as wrappers with other foods such as fried rice or mince adds some interest to a meal. Especially with younger kids, hands on meals such as this can be fun and healthy. Iceberg leaves go well with white vinegar dressings in salads such as Greek with feta cheese, olives and tomatoes.



vitamin A(provitamin beta-carotene),
phenolic acids,
flavonoids (polyphenol)



Greek Salad

Colourful salad with a refreshing dressing

Nicoise Salad

Hungarian salad

Seafood Salad

Mango & Iceberg lettuce salad with marinated prawns