There are many different berry varieties and especially during the summer months, there are many fresh berries to enjoy. Here you will find an overview of the most common berries.

The northern highbush blueberry
The northern highbush blueberry is black/blue and has a matt black peel. Originally, the northern highbush blueberry, also known as a cultivated blueberry, comes from North America. Since the 50's, it is also cultivated in Europe. It is not an improved blueberry, as some claim. The northern highbush blueberry is a different type, tastes different and the juice is colourless, while the juice of the blueberry, which is now referred to as ordinary blueberry, is dark blue. Moreover, northern highbush blueberries are a little bigger – they have a diameter of up to two and a half centimeter. The northern highbush blueberry grows in bunches on fairly high bushes.

Blueberries - Local blueberries
Blueberries are small, matted blue berries

How to prepare

Berries are delicate. Therefore touch them as little as possible, wash them shortly until just before serving, but only if necessary. Remove the stems after washing.

Buyer's and storage guide

  • Buy berries that look fresh, beautiful and firm. Damaged berries will quickly lose their quality. Therefore, keep the berries after the purchase as soon as possible in a cool place.
  • Preferably keep them on a plate in the refrigerator, so they will last for a few days.


  • With fresh yoghurt and/or custard
  • In fruit salads
  • Make a fruit punch
  • As a sweet filling in an omelet or pancakes
  • With cottage cheese as a topping for a cake
  • In a pie, as jam or compote