Селера відноситься до молодих, яскраво-зелених стебел рослини селера. До класичного італійського томатного соусу завжди додають три найбільш важливі обсмажені інгредієнти: дрібно нарізану цибулю, моркву і стебло

How to prepare

Remove the bottom part of the stem and remove the leaves if these are present.
Check whether the stem has woody fibers. In that case, remove them by cutting into the top or bottom of the stem so you can pull off the fibers along the stem.

Preparation time for celery

Cooked: 10 - 12 minutes;
sautéed: approx. 6 minutes;
microwave: 4 - 5 minutes;
smoldered: approx. 20 minutes;
steamed: 20 - 25 minutes

Tip: The leaves can be used to prepare a delicious vegetable broth. 

Buyer's and storage guide

Celery can be kept in a cool and dark place for a couple of days and in the refrigerator for about a week.