• 8 to 10 cocktail truss tomatoes (quartered)
  • Fresh basil leaves
  • 8 to 10 baby bocconcini (halved)
  • Salt to taste

Dressing ingredients

  • Virgin olive oil (that's all!)

Author of this recipe

Steven Roberts

Steven Roberts

Amateur cook

I‘m a salad lover who is passionate about vegetables and the flavours, the colours and simple combinations that you can prepare with wonderful fresh produce.As a founding member, I’m... Read more

One of my favourite salads. It is so simple yet so good. For my version of this classic salad I use the smaller tasty cocktail tomatoes, fresh basil and baby bocconcini. This salad brings back memories of a visit to the the south of Spain and being served a tomato tapa in a bar - and it was just tomato, olive oil and salt. Absolute magic.


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  • Turn on the music and pour yourself a glass of good red wine.
  • Quarter the cocktail tomatoes and place in a bowl. Coat with a good lugg of olive oil and leave to sit for a few minutes
  • Place the tomato pieces and bocconcini on a flat salad plate. Drizzle some olive oil, rip or tear some fresh basil leaves over the top and finish with a touch of ground sea salt.

Variation: The bocconcini (cheese) is optional - tomato and basil alone is sensational.

Tips from the author

For the best flavour, serve tomatoes at room temperature (avoid storing them in the fridge). 

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