• 4 capsicums (sweet peppers) - 2 red / 2 yellow or 4 orange
  • 100ml liquid creme fraiche
  • Water (about 600ml)
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Dressing ingredients

  • parsley
  • Ground paprika

Author of this recipe



Amateur cook

It's fresh, healthy and tasty!... a bit of wine vinegar (di Modena or de Jerez), olive oil, "fleur de sel" and a pich of crushed deep black pepper will make it even tastier!! ...and don't forget... Read more

I am French but have lived almost 10 years in The Netherlands.
From the first day I came here I realized how much the Dutch love their soups and started to get interested in them. By discovering the joys of making soup (combined with my French cooking skills!) I also realized how easy soups are to make.

That is why I want to share with you what I call my "y" recipe soup: easy, tasty, healthy.

Bon appetit!

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Cut the capsicums in slices
Cook them in water (use enough water to cover them) until soft
Remove a bit of water and keep it aside
Blend the capsicums together adding the creme fraiche
Add some more water you've put aside until you reach the right consistency.
Add black pepper and salt to taste

Decorate with parsley and a pinch of ground paprika.


Tips from the author

For 4 people:
For extra taste, use some fresh smashed garlic.

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