• I indicate quantities, but feel free to adjust it to taste!
  • a quarter of a cucumber
  • a handful of Honeytomatoes (or cherry tomatoes)
  • a quarter of a sweet pepper
  • a handful of lamb’s lettuce (discard roots)
  • a few leaves green lettuce (like for example Salanova lettuce)*
  • cress
  • optional: pine nuts, chèvres doux (soft goat cheese, I use a cow milk free version), spring onion cut into rings.

Dressing ingredients

  • Honeytomatoes have a wonderful sweet taste, excellent as base for a great dressing!
  • 4 Honeytomatoes (or other small tomatoes)
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • a few drops of white vinegar (I use white balsamic, choose a sulphite free kind)
  • salt and pepper to taste

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You don’t need many ingredients to make a wonderful salad. This salad can be put together in no time at all, so you can even make it in the morning, just before leaving for work. Using my ‘to go’ tip, you can take this salad anywhere! I always have a living lettuce in a pot on my kitchen counter. Water it a little every day, it doesn’t need anything else. It’s like a mini vegetable garden and secretly I pick from it all day long: a few leaves on my cracker, a few leaves on a sandwich and of course for the salad at dinner time.

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Making the salad: I make this salad in an empty and clean jar, excellent for ‘to go’!

Halve the cucumber, remove the seeds and cut the cucumber into thin slices.

Halve the tomatoes (except the tomatoes for the dressing).

Halve the sweet peppers, remove the seeds and cut the peppers into thin strips.

Place a little lamb's lettuce on the bottom of the jar.

Arrange the leaves of lettuce along the side of the jar.

Now arrange all ingredients in the jar.


For the dressing: Carve the tomatoes on the upper side and squeeze out the seeds into a bowl.

Add the remaining ingredients to the seeds and stir well.

Divide the dressing over the salad. If desired, add pine nuts, chèvres doux and spring onions.

Garnish with cress.

Twist the lid on the jar and you're ready to go!

Tips from the author

Keep the salad up to a day in the refrigerator or take it with you in your bag. During your lunch break, find a sunny park bench and enjoy! An ideal salad to put in your kid’s lunch box. Do you prefer to take a large salad to go, use a large jar or a coffee to go cup. This salad tastes great on a sandwich. Make sandwiches with Salad of lamb's lettuce for a sunny picnic! *Salanova consists of a range of different lettuce types, featuring the "one-cur-ready" principle. That means that with one cut the head separates into equally-sized leaves. I like this lettuce types because I can keep them in a top on my kitchen counter and use just part of the leaves, without cutting the whole head, so the plant can live longer.

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