• durum bread
  • mayonnaise or extra virgin olive oil
  • boiled ham
  • tender shoots
  • small radish
  • surimi of crab
  • mozzarella grated
  • raisins

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Helena Bm

Helena Bm

Salad blogger / food writer

I don’t just like salads, I love them... They're so fun, full of colours, flavours, aromas. They give you infinite options to be innovative every day!  Read more

A different recipe with usual ingredients.

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If we choose to make them with mayonnaise we will put on top of every bread of durum a spoonful that we will spread out in the centre of bread. On top of that one slice or two of boiled ham according to the size (it's important that it goes from one side to the other) and centred. Now we'll put a generous quantity of shoots. If our option has been to make it with oil, it will be now on top of the shoots where we'll include the aove (I don't recommend you to make it with both things because it would be too strong). We'll laminate a pair of small radishes per roll and we will put them on the shoots.  Then a little of surimi crumbled, the mozzarella grated and finally some raisins. Carefully and starting from left to right, we will roll our durum. We cut it in half and we can already prepare it in a plate. You can make them any day now and keep them in the fridge with a transparent film so as not to go dry. You can also cut smaller portions and you can eat them with other food. As you see there are a lot of possibilities. It's sure that you think about some of them

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