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Do you remember my radicchio salad? I published it some time ago and it's one of my favourites - I'm really happy others like it too! My mother keeps on preparing it the whole winter (she is conviced that radicchio is a winter crop...) and no-one ever complains. Well, this Christmas, mum decided to add a different touch to her / our radicchio salad: A parmesan basket. This had so much interest on the Love my Salad facebook page that I decided to share  the recipe. Here is the link to the Radicchio salad with apple and walnut To learn how to make the parmesan baskets, stay here! ;)

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To make the parmesan baskets you need a pan, some baking paper and grated parmesan (about one cup will make two nice baskets but the quantity depends on how big the basket should be, so add more if needed)

Put the baking paper on a hot pan and when warm add the grated parmesan on it.

Leave it on the pan till the parmesan gets very hot (it must almost cook and melt, but be careful not to let it burn) and when ready take the backing paper and the parmesan off the pan and put them on a cup / glass or whatever shape you want and let cool down. Be careful: in order not to burn your fingers and to simplify the process, the backing paper should be bigger than the melt parmesan.

Important information:
You can choose the dressing you like but it should be something light, like a dash of white balsamic vinegar in some olive oil - not too strong because the parmesan is already a rich flavour. Be careful with the salt: parmesan is very salty, you won't need to season the salad very much.

Now fill them with the wonderful  Radicchio salad with apple and walnut


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