• Fresh hen's egg boiled.
  • One half to 3/4 cup soft purple hulled peas (black eyed peas) boiled with seasoning like chicken bullion and bacon grease
  • 1/2 head fresh romaine (cos) lettuce split
  • 5-10 slices of Petit Jean bacon cooked to almost crisp

Dressing ingredients

  • per personal preference...

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Amateur cook

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The secret to this salad is the fresh and local ingredients. It is tasty and also a meal to itself.


Boil peel and slice the egg with and egg slicer. Boil the fresh "black-eyed" peas with some chicken bullion and bacon grease Cook bacon till almost crisp then cut into small pieces Split a fresh head of Romaine lettuce lengthwise Add eggs, peas, bacon on top of the lettuce. Add your peronsal choice of salad dressing. Enjoy the mix of favors from the nutty taste of the peas and smokey bacon and fresh egg.

Tips from the author

Purple Hull Peas are cowpeas and are sometimes mistaken for some sort of green bean at the market. They should be picked as soon as the pod just turns purple (immature pods are green). Once they turn purple they start drying out and soon become a dried pea similar to black-eyed peas. Shelling them while they are green and undried (green-shelled) gives them an altogether different flavour. Source: Mother earth news.