• 1 green and 1 red Italian peppers (long sweet capsciums)
  • 1 large Spanish green tomato and 1 large normal red tomato
  • 1 handful of freshly chopped chives
  • 1 or 2 little gem lettuce (baby cos or romaine)
  • 500g dried salted cod fish
  • 8 small ice-cream or waffle cones
  • Optional: 200g chocolate (to melt on top of the cone)

Dressing ingredients

  • Extra virgin olive oil

Author of this recipe



Salad blogger / food writer

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Juan Ramon: "I love this salad because I enjoyed it a lot when I was a child and now my children love it so we make it together! I serve it in ice-cream cones which make it a special treat." You can also serve this in cocktail glasses. While it takes a bit of preparation, it is really worth the effort.


Evening before: Crumble the cod and put in a bowl with a little cold oil to be marinate overnight. Prepare the salad vegetables: cut the peppers, tomatoes, chives into very small pieces. Put the cod with the chopped vegetables and mix together in a bowl. Fill the ice-cream cones with the mixture. It is optional - but to give the salad a special touch, seal the cones with a spoonful of melted chocolate - just like a cornetto! Enjoy ... ;-)

Tips from the author

For a special touch, and Juan's mother used to do this way every summer, fill the bottom of the cones with a spponful of "sour" ice cream (like a lemon, strawberry or pineapple sorbet / gelato) before adding the mixture of vegetables with cod and serve cold with chocolate. This salad makes about 8 icecream cones.