• mix salad lettuce --> nice to have different colour in your plate
  • 4 toast bread
  • 4 pieces of goat cheese
  • 6 to 8 slices of smoked duck breast
  • some cherry tomatoes
  • salt and pepper

Dressing ingredients

  • olive oil
  • balsamico vinegar
  • salt and pepper

Author of this recipe

Adrian Roelofs

Adrian Roelofs

Amateur cook

I grew up in France, where I had the chance to have almost everyday fresh salad on table. It is simply a big part of me every day - so I guess I am a real salad lover thanks to my mum and dad. Read more
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What I love in this salad, is the mixture between the smoked duck breast that has a real special taste and the freshness of lettuce and tomatoes. The fact that you can add some toast bread with goat cheese on it will make from this dish a complete lunch out of it. Preparation time: less then 10 min.


Make a nice mountain of salad in order to give some volume to your plate. Add some cherry tomatoes, cut in half, all around the plate. Add 4 toasted bread with goat cheese on the top (if you want you can put few drops of olive oil and some dry thyme). Add the slices of duck around the toast. Your salad is almost ready to eat, now depending on your taste, either you can use for dressing just some olive oil or add also some balsamico vinegar, salt and pepper. Voila. Une salade vite fait bien fait et surtout bon apétit. Enjoy!

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