• (no quantities this time, you may choose how much you add for any ingredient. Use your creativity, I promise you, it's much nicer than painting eggs!)
  • Colourful beets, I chose yellow beets and Chioggia beets (their insides are coloured pink and white, truly beautiful.) Of course you may also choose the regular beetroot.
  • Mini lambs lettuce. You may also choose regular size.
  • Yellow zucchini, cut into thin slices
  • Parisian carrots (you know, those little round ones?). Not fond of carrots? Choose colourful radishes instead!
  • Beet sprouts or beet cress (may also be called scarlet cress)
  • Balsamic syrup (this is balsamic vinegar cooked until syrup like).
  • Fresh mint
  • Soft goat cheese (chèvres doux) (optional!)

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In my country it is an Easter tradition to paint eggs. The eggs are than hidden in the garden so (small) children can look for them. Nowadays people don't only hide painted eggs, but also chocolate eggs. If you are allergic to egg (or the ingredients of a chocolate egg), you cannot participate in this tradition. But that's no big deal, I promise you! At my house we don't paint eggs and we don't go searching for chocolate eggs at all. My tradition is to make a wonderful meal, as colourful as possible. Take this salad for instance, which I invented especially for Easter! I share it with you, so that you can make hit yourself. But also, I am very curious about your Easter traditions! Will you let me know?

For this salad I choose vegetables with amazing colours. It makes a wonderful Eastern landscape. With a few small chicks and candles shaped like eggs, this is really a salad at Easter Best!


Preheat the oven in time to 180 ° C (about 350 F).
If needed, wash the beetroots and dry them well.
Wrap each beetroot in a piece of tin foil.
Place the beetroots on a baking tray or grid and roast them in the preheated oven for about 45-60 minutes until tender and soft but not wrinkled.
Allow the beetroots to cool until you can touch them without getting burned. Thus peel them and cut them into wedges.
Spread the lettuce in a large bowl or plate.
Fold the zucchini slices into little fans and arrange them as flowers on the edge of the salad.
Spread the beetroot wedges and carrots (or radishes) over the salad.
Make little nests out of beet sprouts to support the egg-shaped candles (or for the chicks, just what you prefer).
Drizzle the balsamic syrup over the salad.
Spread the fresh mint over the salad and if desired, crumble some goat cheese on top.
Enjoy! I wish you a happy Eastern!

Tips from the author


You can make endless variations of this salad. Use colourful cherry tomatoes or carrots or look for coloured potatoes which you can prepare in the same way as the beetroots.

A dairy allergy or lactose intolerance? Always check with your doctor or dietician if goat cheese products fit into your diet.