• Different kinds of lettuce, grown in open air, preferably picked from you own garden. I use a variety of Lamb’s Lettuce, Baby Leaf, Rocket lettuce and different leaves of lettuce. I also use young leaves of chard, the kind with multi-coloured stems. Fee
  • Some lovely small strawberries, you can cut them in half if needed.
  • Fresh dill, a few nice branches will do.
  • Different types of edible flowers. In this salad I use (lemon) thyme flowers, elderflower, clover flowers and bindweed.

Dressing ingredients

  • Lime
  • Olive oil

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As I write in my blog of this month, so much of what’s growing around us is edible. This cheerful salad with edible flowers is a wonderful example of the easy way in which you can make a festive salad. Make sure you are well informed about which flowers are edible and which to avoid. Attend a workshop or consult a reliable book! When in doubt, don’t eat it!

Flowers not only give this salad a festive touch, but often also add a unique and subtle taste.

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Arrange the different kinds of lettuce in a dish or bowl. I prefer to leave the lettuce rather coarse, but of course you can tear up the big leaves if you prefer.
Cut the strawberries in half if needed and arrange them over the salad.
Remove the stems of the flowers and arrange the flowers on top of the salad. I prefer to leave the large flowers as they are, but you might want to pick of the blossoms so you’ll end up having all these tiny flowers drifting all over your salad.

For the dressing:
For this salad I don’t really prepare a dressing but I simply squeeze the juice of one lemon over the salad, than drizzle some olive oil on top. This is to the best advantage of all pure flavours!

Tips from the author

Young spinach leaves also tastes excellent in this salad. The leaves of many plants are edible. Sometimes I use the leaves of dandelions.

Make sure you find a good place to pick the flowers. A road side or a dog walking area might be less suitable ;-)

When in doubt about picking flowers yourself, you can of course buy edible flowers at your local vegetable specialist.

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