• 8 sweet snack peppers (capsicum) halved
  • 8 chat (small) potatoes and halved
  • Pepper & Salt
  • 2 cloves of Garlic
  • Some pieces rosemary
  • Olive oil

Author of this recipe

Westland Peppers

Westland Peppers

Grower / producer

We love vegetables and salads because it’s very important to be healthy and we all need to eat vegetables every day. It's fun to work with the products of Westland Peppers and make different... Read more

This is a very simple Greek style recipe that combines sweet snack peppers with potatoes, rosemary and garlic.

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Cut the sweet snack peppers in half and place these in a greased baking dish. Do this together with the potatoes that you cut in half pieces. Now add 2 cloves of garlic and season the taste with pepper & salt. Sprinkle some pieces of rosemary over the potatoes and drizzle the olive oil generously over the top. Place the backing dish in the oven on 190 degrees celsius for about 45 minutes and the simple, but also delicious recipe is done !

Tips from the author

Serve as a warm side dish for 4 or more people - any left overs can be enjoyed as a cold salad with a nice fresh lettuce mix and some mayonnaise. 

This recipe is shared by Westland Peppers of The Netherlands, who grow a range of sweet peppers including a range of small snacking peppers which are sweet and colourful.

Tip: to reduce the baking time, you can par boil the potatoes ahead of time.

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