It has taken many years of breeding, but the result was worth waiting for: Sweet Palermo©. This unique pointed pepper puts all other peppers in the shade.

Different to look at

Different when cutting

A different taste


After one bite of the Sweet Palermo©, you’ll be hooked and there’s nothing you can do about it. There is an explanation for it though, based on hard science. The reason lies in what are called the ‘brix values’: the numbers expressing the natural sugar content of a foodstuff. Whereas the sweetest regular blocky pepper has a maximum brix value of 7, the Sweet Palermo achieves a brix of 9. As a result of this, combined with its rich aroma of fruits and fresh herbs, the Sweet Palermo is scored highly in taste tests – even by children! The importance of eating fruit and vegetables is becoming increasingly widely accepted, and the Sweet Palermo can help even the fussiest eaters to enjoy a more varied diet fit for a true gastronome.


The Sweet Palermo© is aligned with the convenience trend. Many people nowadays are opting for quick meals during the week and ‘slow cooking’ at the weekend, so the Sweet Palermo is a handy ingredient in your kitchen seven days a week. It is quick and easy to prepare and use in cooking, and is a tasty stand-alone treat or snack too. Thanks to its skin being thinner than a regular pointed or blocky pepper, it has a softer bite, plus there are hardly any seeds inside.


The Sweet Palermo© is an excellent fit with this new approach. It adds flavour to a wide variety of hot and cold dishes. It can be cooked, stir-fried, grilled, steamed, roasted and barbecued. You can chop or slice it into cubes, strips or rings to add a surprisingly sweet accent to salads as a raw ingredient, or it can be served as an appetiser.


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Sweet Palermo - Surprisingly Sweet Pepper

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