While on our frequent travels, we discover many surprising ingredients and local dishes: lasting memories of the regions we visited. Upon our return we share our experiences, fuelling our creative breeding process to reproduce the flavoursome dishes with our own products.

The Silky Pink range

Did you know?

In most Western countries, tomatoes are red. Or, by way of exception, yellow or orange. But in Eastern Europe and Asia, tomatoes are above all… pink. In those regions, pink tomatoes are regarded as a premium smoother and tastier version of their red counterparts. Asian restaurants serve pink tomatoes in their purest form: simply sliced and presented on a plate with wooden cocktail sticks – not only as a side dish, but also as a dessert.

Combining the best of two worlds

With Silky Pink, Rijk Zwaan offers a unique set of pink tomato varieties in which we have combined the well-known taste characteristics from our varieties like Amoroso RZ and Roterno RZ with the unique flavour and complexity of Japanese pink tomatoes. Silky Pink tomato gets its distinctive colour from the pink, juicy flesh which is visible through its translucent, shiny skin. A mild hint of sourness combined with natural sweetness and gentle aroma results in a silky-smooth taste. 

Set your imagination free

Silky Pinks are a great ingredient for a multitude of flavour creations. Have you ever tried Pink Bruschetta? Or how about a Purple Pink Salad made from Silky Pink tomatoes, red onion, Red Oak Salanova and chopped radishes? Visit www.lovemysalad.com for more inspiring recipe ideas…

Silky Pink

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