Some vegetables look so appealing and deliscious, you have to try them! Their colour, their brilliance, their attractiveness make you can't refuse them.

Cubelli tomatoes have this desirable appeal which makes you choosing these tomatoes without thinking. 

The authentic Italian tomato

Cubelli presents a brand new type of tomatoes. The blocky tomato has the look and feel of the authentic Italian tomato. Its appearance makes you curious and the taste is overwhelming. Herby, rich and mature. Exactly what you expect from it. Cubelli offers the authentic taste from Italy and lets you enjoy the delicious Mediterranean cuisine at home. 

Because of its herby flavour, Cubelli tomatoes are a great ingredient for many various recipes. Stuffed with pasta or cheese, used as base for a delicious sauce or prepared as a salad with mozzarella and basil. The possibilities are endless. What will you create of it? 

Attractive and special

As said, its attractive appearance makes consumers curious. It might be its most important characteristic, but consumer research has learned us that the taste is even better. These two characteristics makes Cubelli a fabulous tomato type especially suitable for every way of preparation. 

The ideal ingredient for every dish

Its characteristic look gives many opportunities to transform Cubelli into a delicious dish. Blocky tomatoes can be used in many different recipes, stuffed, grilled, sliced, whole etcetera. Besides, Cubelli tomatoes don’t need any addition because of their herby taste. This is unique and distinguishes Cubelli from the standard tomato. It’s the ideal ingredient for every dish. What will you make of it? 


Cubelli - The fine blocky tomato

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