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Mexican quinoa salad Recipe

Mexican quinoa salad

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Prawn salad with green beans

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American coleslaw Recipe

American coleslaw

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Mini Caprese salad on a stick Recipe

Mini Caprese salad on a stick

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What's in season?Carrots


Although carrots are available throughout the year, locally grown carrots in this season are the freshest and most flavourful.  While we usually associate carrots with the colour orange, carrots can actually be found in other colors including yellow, red, or purple. Did you know that purple, yellow and red carrots were the only color varieties of carrots to be cultivated before the 15th or 16th century? 

Artichokes in a salad

Salad tipArtichokes in a salad

Have you tried artichoke in your salad? It's so yummy! In addition to fresh artichoke, you can also buy this vegetable all year round in a jar or tin in the form of artichoke hearts. These artichoke hearts are already cooked and don’t need to be re-heated. They have a slightly softer texture than fresh artichoke and are ideal for use in salads or pasta dishes.