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What exactly is organic farming?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Michael Wilde and I work at Nature & More, an international specialist in fresh organic vegetables and fruit. I am convinced of the importance of organic farming, not only for the health of my children but also for the sustainable future of the planet and humanity. Organic food has become so popular that people I talk to automatically assume they know what organic farming is all about. However, if you ask me, there is a lot more to learn and understand.

I will summarise in my own words. Organic farming strives to provide people with healthy, tasty and authentic food while respecting our environment and conserving natural resources such as soil, water, climate and biodiversity. Put simply, organic farmers like to work with nature instead of fighting it. 

For example: One of our Argentinean apple growers compares organic agriculture with a sailboat, while he likens conventional farming with a motorboat. Both boats will help you reach the other side but they require different approaches. To sail you must understand the wind, the current and the seasons, and how your boat reacts to these conditions if you want to reach the other side. With a motorboat it’s more about giving the engine some extra gas. Another difference is that organic vegetables are always grown without synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilisers.

Cooperation with nature is what counts…

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Michael Wild
Nature & More 


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