What are you preparing for Christmas

Culinary writing means thinking ahead. Anticipating special (and social) eating moments yet to come. Times when food plays a leading role and we all want to eat just that little more special and tasty than usual. And so I decorated my Christmas tree in the midst of summer, set the table and cooked one culinary Christmas dinner after another. Not for my own Christmas celebration, but for yours! The result of my summer Christmas escapades can be found in Christmas issues of various magazines now in store (or on the doorstep)*.

With only 6 weeks left to Christmas, I’m starting to think about my own Christmas dinner. Are we going out or staying in? Will it be slow cooking or fast? My culinary needs change daily. Sometimes I long to spend hours in my kitchen, cooking up something magical. Other days I think this year has been quite busy enough and I go for convenience: a slow (oven) cooked piece of meat, some wonderful salads on the side, crispy bread and floral butter.

My problem is not, not knowing what to cook, it’s not being able to choose. That must sound more complicated than it actually is: I simply try to cook up something splendid, using simple but pure ingredients. Take Iceberg lettuce for instance. A beautiful and tight head of lettuce, with many culinary uses. In a wrap, on a sandwich or even mashed together with potatoes. You can slice it up in thin strips or carefully peel off the whole leaves and use them as an edible bowl for salads or other dishes.

When I went shopping earlier this week, I came across a beautiful Iceberg lettuce I simply could not resist. The very moment I put it in my grocery basket, I thought of a recipe, just like that. Once home, I went straight into my kitchen with a delicious and festive salad with a Mexican twist as a result. You’ll find it on my culinary page right here on Love My Salad. And honestly, I think it would look absolutely fabulous on any Christmas dinner (or lunch) table!

Culinary greetings,
Larisse van der Haar-Buijze (Nederland)
author |culinary writer | TV-chef |product developer

*only available in the Netherlands

What are you preparing for Christmas

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