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Warm up the winter months with this hearty and delicious eggplant recipe

Many of us are fortunate to have access to a wide variety of healthy and accessible vegetables. This delicious 20 minute eggplant parmigiana, created by Australian based Dr Sandro Demaio, is sure to tantalise your taste buds and warm your heart!

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Victoria Health, Dr Sandro Demaio has extensive experience in providing community health advice, including a Masters in Public Health and a PHD in noncommunicable diseases. 

Dr Demaio is a medical doctor, public health expert and advocate, He has published more than 30 scientific papers and 110 articles and is the author of The Doctor’s Diet. With a focus on providing simple, affordable and delicious ways of eating, his book showcases nutritionally based recipes, of which this eggplant parmigiana is one of the standouts. 

Featuring simple, unprocessed ingredients and meals that are easy to prepare, healthy eating is within reach. This 20 minute eggplant (aubergine) parmigiana features vegetables all readily available from most retailers. 

High quality purple eggplants with long oval shape have been a favourite of Australians for many years. The purple and white striped oval shaped variety is also becoming increasingly popular and provides good flavour. With it’s vibrancy and combined with red or coloured cherry tomatoes and purple and green butter lettuce, the colours in this recipe combine to add visual interest to any plate.  

Dr Demaio says he is most at home in the kitchen, or when sharing good food with close friends and family. His cookbook The Doctor's Diet, is based on science, inspired by a love of good food and contains practical and sound advice for healthy eating.

We thank Dr Demaio for sharing this delicious recipe with Love My Salad. 

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Eggplant parmiagiana

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