Vegetables in the classroom

Have you ever thought about incorporating salads into the classroom? Here are some ideas for activities to share with your classmates:

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1. Your class could like us on Facebook

2. Share a 'salad story' about what your class can do with salads and vegetables, for example:

• News about your school garden or window sill project with vegetables
• What salads you have prepared with the harvest?
• Which vegetables or fruits you do you snack on during the breaks?
• Challenge other schools to start a salad vegetable project!

3. Have a lesson all about salads and vegetables! 

Teachers: You can find some great tips and facts about fruit and vegetables and some fun serving ideas in our 'Salapedia' section -

For more information on how kids can interact with vegetables, here are some links:

Some extra ideas: 

Bring a few vegetables to school to show during your lesson and talk about them;

Visit a local grower or greengrocer and learn about all the different vegetables you can buy;

Make a salad to share. Snack on slices of cucumber, small tomatoes and carrots. Enjoy being a salad fan!

Looking for some more fun for kids? Download our SaladPic app where you can take photos, convert them to drawings, and paint them using fruits and vegetables.

Vegetables in the classroom

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Love my Salad Kids

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