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An urban kitchen garden in the South of France

A few weeks ago, an ephemeral urban garden was created in Avignon. For this 4th edition, organized by  the local market association and the members of the “Brotherhood of Ensaladés” not less than 200 salads had grown at the foot of the Saint John Tower. Of course, Love my Salad also attended this joyful event highlighting salads and other fresh products.

Rabbits as members of the panel
Nearly 50 people had registered for the lettuce contest that was organized, and the jury that designated the winners was composed of  two rabbits!  Well, who could be better placed than real salad lovers to choose the best tasting lettuce of all?

Growing salad on your balcony
It’s possible! Just a pot of good soil, mixed with a little manure. When you put the little salad plant (that you can buy on the market, for instance) in the soil, be careful not to bury the crown. Store the pot at a slightly shaded place on your balcony and water regularly. The soil must be kept moist, but do not wet the leaves. After 6 weeks of good care, you can enjoy your lettuce. And do not forget to publish your recipe!


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An urban kitchen garden in the South of France

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