Simply adorable and irresistible let the colours shine

I love colours. You know I do! I write about it often. I make beautiful pallets of colours on my plates. I cook by colours. I believe, eating is not just about making sure you get the foods you need to live and stay healthy. Eating is an experience! And foods can colour your experience in every sense of the word and make it worth ever so much more.

In my work, I often meet people who lost the positive experience of eating. The had bad experiences. Maybe because foods that are supposed to be good for you, made them ill. They are allergic. Of course, a bad experience with foods can also mean having a wife or mother (or husband or father) who believes she/he cannot cook. If that’s the case, let me tell you something: I believe there’s a cook in everyone. Cooking is not so much following a recipe, it’s following your heart and using all your senses in creating something that makes you happy.

My salad of this month proves that very idea! It really is not much more than slicing and cutting up and arranging colours. The whole colouring part is what you learned in Kindergarten, am I right? I remember that time. Well, maybe not the time per se but the colours. I do so remember the colours and I remember looking for as many shades of red as I could possibly find. Do you know that the red of a tomato tells a whole different tale than the red of say, a pepper. Or a traffic light for that matter. And do you know just how many shades of tomato red there are? Or tomato green, yellow, orange or purple? Gee whiz, I love tomatoes!

Are you not the greatest cook but do you long to be the light of your dinner party? Start off by serving drinks with a few beautiful wine glasses filled with the smallest tomatoes you have ever seen: tomberries! Little tomato berries. They are simply adorable and irresistible and I assure you, nothing can ruin your dinner from here on.

Culinary greetings,
Larisse van der Haar-Buijze (Nederland)
author |culinary writer | TV-chef |trainer-coach

Simply adorable and irresistible let the colours shine

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