Let the red colours explode in your salads

While summer sizzles and the sun scorches the roof tops, I am inside. Writing recipes for my new television show* and a Christmas coverage in a magazine. Some close friends sigh, ‘my goodness, I don’t know how you can stand it!’ But it inspires (and cools) me. I love life when the sun is shining. Thus, now you’ll understand why we’re having ice cream for Christmas desert this year.
Even though it feels like global warming, sunhine is what we all needed. Certainly the crops. Even in greenhouses red has long not been the familiar red by lack of sunshine. I now expect exploding colours in my vegetables.

It amazes me how the most beautiful peppers (also called capsicums) in all shapes and sizes are grown in my very own small country. It never seizes to astonish me how very few people actually know this. How they can pass the most beautiful sweet pointed peppers in store thinking they are the ‘hot stuff’. What a loss! In my new television show, I discover culinary treasures. A visit to the greenhouses where the most beautiful sweet pointed peppers are grown, is most definitely on my agenda. Some information is meant to share with everyone.

I love the intense colours of pure foods in my dishes. A salad is so much more than ‘greens’. There is a whole range of wonderful tasty red leaf lettuce varieties that add vibrant colours to the salad bowl and take for instance the sweet peppers I just wrote about. Did you know they can be found in red, green, yellow, orange and sometimes even white and purple! A perfect example of a product that simply improves when processed. The beautiful red of a sweet pointed pepper gets an intense tone when grilled and skinned. Red, just as red should be.

Culinary greetings,
Larisse van der Haar-Buijze (Nederland)
author |culinary writer | TV-chef |trainer-coach
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Let the red colours explode in your salads

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