Draw on your experience to serve something special

Hello everyone, at Christmas you'll most likely find me in the kitchen. It is one of the few times in the year that we actually have the time to prepare and enjoy wonderful meals together. I often prefer to serve tried and tested 'comfort food' rather than aim for trying something brand new at the 'top chef' standard. It's being together, sharing good honest home style food, that I think is important.

Do you remember all the wonderful recipes that you tried during the year? Draw on that experience to serve something delicious, inspirational and special at Christmas time where you'll be more confident and relaxed using familiar ingredients.

Thankyou for making and sharing my recipes throughout the year which were selected for Love My Salad from my recipe book. I hope they have inspired you and I'm sure you will create a special salad for your Christmas with you and yours.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas!

Culinary greetings, Larisse

Draw on your experience to serve something special

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