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Discover the true colours of beautiful food

I’m quite sure Cindy Lauper had nature in mind when she sang of ‘true colours’. Nothing beats the fresh green color of new born leaves, nothing is more beautiful than sprouting veggies and nothing could ever compete with the beautiful pinkish white blossom of pear or apple trees.

When spring finally arrives, I fall in love with the world all over again. If only for a moment, I forget the sorrow and pain, the fear and fighting, all the bad that goes around on this planet. When I watch the first blossom bloom, I feel nothing but sheer happiness.

It was when someone who lives with food allergies approached me, when I first realized just how important true colors are, when it comes to food. It was at a symposium where I showed the first spreads of my (then) soon to be published book. I was there to share the confidence of how it its very well possible to enjoy good food with food allergies. This lady looked at the spreads of the pages with the saddest face I had ever seen. A deep sigh escaped her, I don’t even think she noticed it, and with a little voice she told me that ‘this’ (meaning the food shown in the pictures) was precisely what she missed terribly and what made living with food allergies nearly unbearable some times.

I asked her what she was allergic to and it were the most ‘common’ food allergens such as dairy, soy, eggs and so on. I looked at her, realizing what a difference my answer would make, and told her that all recipes in the book were free of precisely that: the most common food allergens. I started explaining to her how this is what I do: writing recipes without those allergens, thinking of beautiful dishes for everyone to enjoy.

As I spoke enthusiastically about my way of cooking, tears started rolling down her cheeks. She made a noise which was something between a sob and a smile and she said: ‘You have no idea what this means to me!’ And until that very moment, I don’t think I ever realized just what an impact my recipes would have. The sad lady was the first to tell me how she thought she could never again enjoy good, delicious and beautiful food because of her food allergies.

There would be many, many to follow with exactly that thought and with wishes for something that would not only be safe to eat, but beautiful to look at. Food that would just put a smile on their faces. I think this is where my mission in life truly kicked off.

Beautiful colours from pure and fresh vegetables, fruits, potatoes and herbs do not only brighten up a plate, they can actually brighten up one’s life. Lady with the sad eyes (and all others who live with food hypersensitivities), don’t be discouraged. I’ll show you the true colours of beautiful food free from …

Culinary greetings, Larisse van der Haar-Buijze (Nederland) author |culinary writer | TV-chef |trainer-coach

Discover the true colours of beautiful food

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