Culinary passion with three stars, two chefs and one cuisine

Various vegetables, blossoms, herbs and dressings are being arranged on a plate as luscious and colourful as spring itself. The salad ingredients all originate from the Aubrac region, a high plateau located in the southwestern Massif Central of France. Michel Bras’s hands create this composition and his voice tells us what is happening, the voice of the “best vegetable cook in the world”. This is how the documentary “Entre les bras” starts.

 Director Paul Lacoste tells us the story of a father-son relationship. Michel Bras, the father and famous master chef, has developed his individual culinary art over decades and established his restaurant in the remote Aubrac region. Sebastian Bras, the son and a passionate chef as well, joined his father’s business years ago and will now take over the restaurant. Their relationship and culinary art take centre stage in this documentary.  Michel and Sebastian are quiet, introverted personalities. They are self-critical and critical of each other. Both of them do not develop their dishes overnight but in a long process. Father and son both have their own style; however, they are both rooted in the region and landscape of the Aubrac. Foodstuffs are local and the landscape creates the atmosphere, emotionality and ‘unexcitedness’ which characterizes Michel and Sebastian’s cuisine. Thus, the son is able to follow in his father’s footsteps, to keep the tradition alive and develop further independently. A documentary which touches the audience’s heart. The filmgoer gets an insight into Michel and Sebastian Bras’s culinary world and philosophy as well as into the family history. We get to know how hard it is for the father to let go. Directed by Paul Lacoste, 2012, 86 min.

Cast Michel Bras, Sébastian Bras, ...

Produced by Didier Creste, ...

Culinary passion with three stars, two chefs and one cuisine

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