Become a salad fan!

You already know that vegetables are good for you ... and everyone says you have to eat them! Well, here are some ideas to try so you can become a salad fan and start to enjoy eating more vegetables everyday.

Be the chef in your kitchen. Help your parents prepare a salad and decide what will be on the menu for dinner. Bet your vegetables taste better when you help out! 

Add some extra flavour. You can make your salads more exciting (and tastier!) by perhaps adding pineapple to your dish; or pieces of crispy bacon with your butter beans; or freshly picked herbs from the garden. 

Name your special salad. Have you created your own special salad? Give your recipe its own name just like the famous chefs do! 

Try stir fryied vegetables. Many vegetables can be enjoyed raw, but when you stir-fry them quickly in a wok, they will be hot, crunchy and often tastier! Carrots and cauliflower are great stir-fried and tossed through your salad, or served as a side dish. 

Create a party on your plate. Make a 'drawing' with the vegetables on your plate. Create a 'broccoli forest', or a face with cauliflower as the hair! Try a truck made from beans...go on have fun! 

Snack on vegetables. Try vegetables as a perfect snack in-between meals or after school. Munch on a carrot or a cucumber, enjoy some cherry tomatoes or cut up some slices of sweet pepper (capsicums) and just eat them fresh! Yummm... 

Try something new - Are you a bit afraid to try something new? Ask your parents to help out so you can try a little bit first or add to a salad that you already like. Be surprised! Love my Salad has many wonderful salad recipes for you to try! Just search in the recipe overview on 'Kids'.

Looking for some more fun for kids? Download our SaladPic app where you can take photos, convert them to drawings, and paint them using fruits and vegetables.

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