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Preparation tips

The cucumber does not have to be washed before use. Remove the front and end part. Afterwards the cucumber can be consumed peeled or unpeeled in many different ways: Grated, sliced or diced or shaped with a special spoon into small beads. Be creative!

Preparation time

Cooked: 10 minutes

Microwave: 4 - 5 minutes

Smoldered: 15 minutes

Steamed: approx. 15 – 20 minutes



Buying and storage

What should I bear in mind when buying?
Only buy cucumbers that feel strong and have an impeccable glowing skin.

How do I store cucumbers?
The cucumber should be kept in a cool place (12 degrees Celsius) but not in the refrigerator, as that is too cold for the after-ripening. Well stored, you can keep the cucumber up to a week at least.


Serving suggestions

In a salad as slices or beads, along with tomato, onion, olives and feta

Dishes with curry

Grated in dipping sauces with garlic and Greek yoghurt

Slices on a toast with cheese and ham, egg and tomato