'Environment is very important'

Innovative entrepreneurship in modern greenhouses, with attention to environmental and energy conservation. That's what Twan Wijnen stands for.

,, In Egchel there was no expansion space anymore, "says Twan. ,, But we wanted to grow. That's why we started to orient abroad. But that was not a good option. Therefore we started in 2009 in California. "

About 70 percent of the products are sold in Germany. The remaining 30 percent goes to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

Geothermal energy

Twan Wines in 2008 initiated a study into the use of warmth of the earth, also called geothermal energy. Wijnen wants to pump up water from 80 degrees to the earth crust / surface through drilling (at over 2000 meters depth). This water goes to the heating of the greenhouse. The cooled water then goes back into the earth. By investing in geothermal energy, the company hopes to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. This is better for the environment.

Biological control

Twan Wines uses biological control in his greenhouses. This means that he uses so called 'natural enemies' as a prevention tool against aphids, thrips and fungus. ,, Biological control works a lot better than using chemicals, "explains Twan. ,, In addition, biological control is for a better balance. "Each greenhouse has its own gardener who is involved in biological control.

Safety and health

Twan: "Our cucumbers are grown in an innovative way. The environment and energy saving play an important role in our company. To deliver a good product, that's the important thing. That is our passion. Our products are safe, nutritious, healthy and very delicious!"