Salads are at their best when prepared with fresh ingredients. Like my favourite tomato salad - just cut some tasty tomatoes into bite-sized pieces and put on a sharing plate, add some bocconcini then drizzel with virgin olive oil. Season with a little salt and pepper and serve with fresh basil leaves.

A memorable example of an absolutely delicious starter I enjoyed at an Adelaide restaurant was quite simply just an orange. Cut and arranged nicely on a plate it went down a treat. That's what I call sensational salading simplicity!

Nature has provided us with an amazing variety of fruits and vegetables, each with their own vibrant colours, unique flavours and complex nutritional packages for us to share and enjoy. 

That's the essence of love my salad and the motivation to start this project - sharing fun, joy and vitality by raising the 'intrinsic value' we place on our fresh fruit and vegetables.

What salads are you creating? You're invited to share!