Saladas Finas is a family company run by me, Jorge Morikawa with the support of my sisters Lúcia and Yolanda. The honorary president is é Reiko Morikawa, the matriarch of our family.

We started our activities with our father Hiroyuki Morikawa in the beginnings of the 60’s producing conventional vegetables with low technology. Hiroyuki Morikawa was a Japanese immigrant who worked in a coffee plantation before starting his own activity as a grower.

Our farm of is located in the rural area of Cotia, in the West of São Paulo city. Initially the we focused on Brassica production, especially in broccoli and turnips, besides other vegetables such as jiló (kind of Brazilian eggplant), aubergine and zucchini. Nowadays, we concentrate our production on leafy vegetables.

The main products of Saladas Finas are differentiated lettuces with Salanovas and mini cos (little gem). We are constantly developing other ways of presentation our vegetables, looking forward to add extra value. The main market of Saladas Finas is the direct sales to consumers in the Central Market of São Paulo (3 times a week). We also supply a few restaurants and some demanding retailers from São Paulo and other parts of Brazil.

All the production is done under protected conditions and we are using growing practices that allow a rational use of water and electricity. We prioritize the use of organic nutrients for the preservation of our soils. Pest control is done with natural and biological products to offer healthier vegetables. In the near future we want to improve our packaging and reduce the use of plastic. We are also looking at the possibilities of bio-degradable plastics.

Please let us know if you like the product!

Best regards,

Jorge Morikawa