J&JM Schreurs story
Our family has a proud and rich history growing high quality fresh produce for Australia’s wholesalers and supermarkets. We commenced operations in 1963, renting 17 acres south east of Melbourne.   In 2013, we celebrated 50 years in business with the 3rd generation enthusiastically continuing the family tradition. 
 Today, we produce celery, leeks, spinach, rocket, and other salads over 600 acres.

Celery Specialists for more than 30 years
We specialise in celery production and variety development striving to produce tastier, chunkier and more nutritious celery.

We continuously drive innovation to produce higher quality produce. From our in-field harvesting and packaging machines, to our unbroken cool chain, we ensure delivery of freshness in all our products. We also guarantee the quality and safety of our produce through a food safety strategy which is implemented, controlled and documented at all levels of production.

We take great pride in managing our crops through IPM (integrated pest management) where we encourage beneficial insects to improve and control insect pests. We were the first to actively use IPM for celery in Australia, demonstrating enormous environmental and health benefits for over 10 years.

We are passionate about salads and what we do
From the team at J&JM Schreurs & Sons.

  • Location 30 Twyford Road, Clyde, VIC, Australia (Show on map)